So, while idling on IRC today, I had a conversation. Well technically, I talked about another conversation. It was about zombie botnets. You might be asking yourself  “what the hell is a zombie botnet”

Don’t worry friend, for I shall enlighten you.

It’s copypasta time!

<Ryuujinx_> Oh man. I just had a hilarious conversation.

<Ryuujinx_> I explained that zombie botnets are actual zombies
<JamesM> lol
<Ryuujinx_> All 1337 hax0rs of course
<Ryuujinx_> And they all get on their computers
<Ryuujinx_> And go to a website
<Ryuujinx_> And spam f5
<Ryuujinx_> at the same time
<Ryuujinx_> And that’s how a zombie botnet works.
<JamesM> they order papajohns pizza from and then eat the pizza delivery guy
<Ryuujinx_> you just got that text too? 😛
<JamesM> what text?
<shunt> like 4000 PCs go UNNHHHHHHHH all at the same time, over and over
<Ryuujinx_> oh I -just- got a text from papajohns
<Ryuujinx_> with some special
<Ryuujinx_> Seconds before you said that
<shunt> don’t do it!
<JamesM> oh weird
<JamesM> can you text your orders now?
<Ryuujinx_> I dunno, I never order from them
<JamesM> i tweet my pizza orders
<Colon> I heard you could text orders to domino’s
<thelaughingman> @ Jamesm Really?
<thelaughingman> Yeah you can txt domanos
<Colon> But I would never find out
<JamesM> haha nope
<thelaughingman> And also order from your tivo lol
<Rev_Dr> I tweet pizza orders all the time
<D_Licious> haha tweet pizza order
<Ryuujinx_> @PizzaHut: Yeah I’ll take 3 large meat lovers.
<Rev_Dr> ..and I always go hungry
<D_Licious> “let’s see who has the best customer service”
<JamesM> lol
<Rev_Dr> customer service is lacking…
<JamesM> @PizzaHut first one to get here gets an extra tip

So, as I explained. There is a giant network of zombies. Zombies are much like robots, and zombnet doesn’t ring like botnet. So they’re a botnet. So these zombies are all 1337 hax0rz. And some guy says “hey guys, I want you to take this site down” so they all go to their computers and go to the website, and spam F5. “braiiiins -f5-” is pretty much thier course of thought. It works pretty well, actually.

In other news: AFK tweeting my order to pizza hut.