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The ability to have temporary URLs is something that has been requested for quite some time. Since Cloud Files runs on openstack swift, we get some of the new features available, such as temporary URLs. This will allow you to create temporary URLs so your end users can consume your product, while having it expire […]

Have you ever wanted to just set up a wireless network that replaces pictures with cats? No? What’s wrong with you. In this article we’re going to talk about making the Kittynet. So you can leave it unsecured and have your neighbors be annoyed by pictures of cats everywhere, like so – (note: don’t go […]

The majority of motherboard manufactures still only allow you to update your BIOS either from within Windows, from a USB stick within the BIOS itself, or from a floppy with DOS. The first option doesn’t work with a linux box for obvious reasons. While the second option is nice for updating one box, it quickly […]

I’m a pretty big fan of two factor authentication, it lets you secure a server significantly without inconveniencing your users too much. I’ve used ppp-pam before, and use RSA SecurID for a few things as well, they’re great implementations. Today it came to my attention that Google had made an authenticator for Google apps account, […]